Cassidy (#530-15)


Cassidy is an old rescue from 2012 that came back to MACSPRO. These pictures are from 2012 when she was about 7 months old. Cassidy still has lots of energy and would love a new home! 

Update (2/2015): Cassidy has been adopted.


Ellie (#513-14)


Ellie is our 1.5 years old flowered SharPei X from Tennessee. Once she gets to know you she is very friendly and loving! Ellie is good with kids. Ellie is very sweet and loves to run and play with squeaky toys. Please consider giving her a furever home today!

Update (12/2014): We had DNA testing done on Ellie and she is part Pei, Samoyed, Staffordhire, and Weimaraner. 

Update (2/2015): Ellie has finally found her furever home!! Congratulations, Ellie! We are so happy for you

Simba (#531-15)


Simba is a sweet 4 year old boy. Simba gets along with kids and most dogs. Unfortunately Simba was returned and is looking for a new furever home. Simba needs compassion, exercise and a loving environment. He bonds deeply.

Update (10/2015): Simba will be sharing great times with his new dad in Alexandria, VA. Congrats, Simba!

Floyd (#529-15)


Floyd was saved just in the nick of time from New York City . He is about 5 years old and only 37 pounds. Floyd is getting used to his foster but is a nice boy who is enjoying getting lots of treats and good food.

Update (4/2015): Floyd has been adopted by his foster family.

Judy (#514-14)


Judy is our little girl that arrived to us from New York City. At first Judy was a bit shy but has now come out of her shell. Judy loves getting treats, running and playing with toys. 

Update (09/2014): Judy had entropion eye surgery recently and is recovering well

Update (11/2014): Judy is loving her new life with her new family. Congrats, Judy!

Taz (#516-14)


Taz is our chocolate brush coat boy from Baltimore County, MD. He enjoys running around and playing with toys and other dogs. Taz knows how to sit and lay down for treats.

Update: (11/2014) Taz is now relaxing in his furever home in Baltimore, MD.

Oreo (#519-14)


Oreo, previously Moose, came to us from KY and is a great boy! Oreo is very gentle and timid and knows many commands including "leave it", "no", "wait", "kennel up" and "come". According to his previous caretaker, Oreo gets attached very easily but does not bark when separated. He appears to be potty trained. Oreo will be getting entropion surgery in the next few days.​

Update (12/2014): Oreo was adopted just in time for the holidays! Congratulations, Oreo!!

Jenny (#510-14)


This is Jenny less than a year old, hit by a car, left on the street. A good Samaritan picked her up unconscious and took her to a vet. 

Jenny has a fractured pelvis which might need a metal implant.  But Jenny is a trooper, she is trying to walk on it and we will take this day by day. 

We have already invested several weeks of medical care plus transportation fees. 

Update: Jenny had her fractured pelvis repaired and is being kept so that she doesn't use it too much.  She's turned out to be very affectionate and quite the kissy lady.

Jenny needs a quiet foster home to heal and MACSPRO is in need of DONATIONS in order to continue helping Jenny and our other Pei.'

Update: Jenny's pelvis has healed well and is free to walk around on a leash. We are also happy to report that Jenny has gone to foster! We are hoping she will find her furever home very soon!

Update: (9/2014) Jenny found her furever home in Fort Meade, MD. 

Bear (#509-14)


Bear is coming to us from Nelson County, KY where he is surrendered by his owner.  On July 4 Bear started his quarantine. He must be there 14 days before we can transport him across state borders. In the mean time, he had a wellness exam, neuter, all of his shots, microchip and in conjunction with us, whatever else Nelson Co KY required.  Thanks to Kindred Hearts Transport Connection for working with us to get Bear up to Maryland.  Once Bear gets up to Maryland, he will be looking for a foster or furever home since he's not used to the kennel environment. 

Update: (9/2014) Bear found his furever home in Rising Sun, MD.