Chunk (#506-14)


Chunk is our gentle boy that is just now getting used to walking on a leash. His previous owners kept him in a small crate for his entire life. Chunk is currently with a foster family to help him transition. Chunk is very friendly and loves giving kisses to everyone he meets. Hopefully he will have his furever home soon!

Update: Chuck is now enjoying his furever home in New York.

Rex (#505-14)


Rex is our big boy coming in from Brooklyn, NY. He may be big but he's full of love. Rex loves getting his tummy rubbed, playing with toys and eating treats. He does well with children and would really love a family to call his own! Rex is a Shar-pei that loves water.

Update (9/2014): Rex has been getting a lot of training and exercise and has been losing weight. He looks great! 

Update (12/2014): Rex is enjoying his time in foster but is so happy to get out of the kennel that he has a tendency to mark his territory.

Update (5/2015):  Rex has been adopted by his foster family.


Tonka (#499-14)


Tonka, our gentle blind boy is scared in his new surroundings and misses having a family to be with. Tonka is very sweet and gets along with other dogs. He really needs a foster or forever home.

Update: (05/2014) Tonka found his furever home!

Scrappy (#498-14)

Scrappy 1

Scrappy from West Virginia, is recovering from Demodectic (non contagious) mange and really needs a foster or forever home to complete his recovery . His foster mom in West Virginia says he is an awesome dog.

Update: (05/2014) Scrappy, now Peiton, is living the good life in D.C.

Wilbur (#486-13)

Wilbur 1

Wilbur is a sweet MACSPRO boy who is coming back to us. Wilbur is looking for his new furever home. 

Wilbur absolutely loves spending time with people! He may need lots of time and a slow introduction when dealing with other dogs. His eyes are not the best but he can see when someone is ready to love him.

Magic (#493-13)


Meet our new pup Magic in from Georgia. She is very cute, gentle, playful and absolutely loves people & other animals. She's only 5 month's old and just a real sweetheart.

Update: Magic has found her furever home with her foster parents (01/2014)

Opie (#494-14)

Opie 1

Opie is a great Pei coming in from Fairfax, VA.  He hasn't been with us long but he has already made it obvious how much he loves treats and loves affection even more. He's ready to be your best friend immediately.


Bella (#474-13)

Bella enjoying the snow

Bella, our beautiful girl with some separation anxiety. Bella is a cute girl from Chambersburg, PA was an owner turn in because they moved and were not allowed to keep her in their new home. She is completely house trained, spent much of her time inside. Very gentle, walks nicely on leash. She needs to be spayed, but pretty much ready to go.

We need foster to help her work with her separation anxiety.

Update: Bella is now living in PA in her new furever home (3/2014).