Oreo (#519-14)


Oreo, previously Moose, came to us from KY and is a great boy! Oreo is very gentle and timid and knows many commands including "leave it", "no", "wait", "kennel up" and "come". According to his previous caretaker, Oreo gets attached very easily but does not bark when separated. He appears to be potty trained. Oreo will be getting entropion surgery in the next few days.​

Update (12/2014): Oreo was adopted just in time for the holidays! Congratulations, Oreo!!

Jenny (#510-14)


This is Jenny less than a year old, hit by a car, left on the street. A good Samaritan picked her up unconscious and took her to a vet. 

Jenny has a fractured pelvis which might need a metal implant.  But Jenny is a trooper, she is trying to walk on it and we will take this day by day. 

We have already invested several weeks of medical care plus transportation fees. 

Update: Jenny had her fractured pelvis repaired and is being kept so that she doesn't use it too much.  She's turned out to be very affectionate and quite the kissy lady.

Jenny needs a quiet foster home to heal and MACSPRO is in need of DONATIONS in order to continue helping Jenny and our other Pei.'

Update: Jenny's pelvis has healed well and is free to walk around on a leash. We are also happy to report that Jenny has gone to foster! We are hoping she will find her furever home very soon!

Update: (9/2014) Jenny found her furever home in Fort Meade, MD. 

Bear (#509-14)


Bear is coming to us from Nelson County, KY where he is surrendered by his owner.  On July 4 Bear started his quarantine. He must be there 14 days before we can transport him across state borders. In the mean time, he had a wellness exam, neuter, all of his shots, microchip and in conjunction with us, whatever else Nelson Co KY required.  Thanks to Kindred Hearts Transport Connection for working with us to get Bear up to Maryland.  Once Bear gets up to Maryland, he will be looking for a foster or furever home since he's not used to the kennel environment. 

Update: (9/2014) Bear found his furever home in Rising Sun, MD.

Jade (#515-14)


MACSPRO was able to save Jade just in the nick of time from New York City. Jade is still getting used to life at the kennel but she is slowly coming out of her shell. Once outside, Jade likes to walk around and explore. Please consider giving this older gal a foster or furever home!

Update: (9/2014) Jade is enjoying her new home with her new dog and cat siblings in Hagerstown, MD.

Minnie (#511-14)


Minnie (formerly known as Harmony) is joining us from PG county, MD.  She's a small Shar-Pei and is adapting quite well to life at Rivermist.  She's very gentle and we are looking forward to getting to know her after she comes out of her shell.

Update: (8/2014) Minnie was adopted during our adoption event at Unleashed in Olney. Congrats, Minnie!!

Paris (#501-14)


Paris is our new girl from Brooklyn, NY.  She is about 4 years old and she has recently come out of her shell at the kennel.  She's a bit smaller than some Shar-Pei but that doesn't stop her from enjoying her play time.  Paris really needs a family that she can get comfortable with and let her personality shine.  She will do better in a one dog home or a home with only male dogs.

Update: (08/2014) Paris met her new mom at our event at Clippers Canine Cafe! She is living the good life in Baltimore, MD. 

Lady Blue (#512-14)

Lady Blue

Lady Blue is our new regal looking blue girl.  She's currently quite nervous and very thin.  Came in to us without any vaccines, so we had to give her a full first round in mid July and will complete them in 3 weeks.  She has already been spayed but definitely needs entropic surgery. Currently she prefers the company of ladies.  

Update: (08/2014) Lady Blue (now know as IndiGo), is chilling in her furever home in York, PA

Stella (#508-14)


Stella is our little Ori-Pei coming from New York weighing in at approximately 29 pounds. Stella loves attention and sitting in laps to get petted.  Stella doesn't mind being picked up and will gladly stay by your side.  She seems to like cats and dogs and would make a wonderful addition to any home.  

Update: (9/2014) Stella was adopted by her foster and is settling quite well in her furever home with all of her dog and cat brothers and sisters.

Lady (#507-14)


Lady came in with Chunk and is also only used to life in a small crate. This gentle girl is currently being fostered where she is getting used to the freedom of a real home that includes walks on leashes.

Update: (7/2014) Lady was a foster failure and is enjoying her new life