Hampton (#592-17)

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Hampton is a 3 yr old male, 52 pounds, and growing (up from 46 when taken off the streets of Puerto Rico).  Friendly with other dogs once he gets to know them.  Good with children and adults. His right front leg has a curve to it.     X-rays have the vet saying it was either a birth defect, or an untreated fracture as a puppy.  He does not appear to be in pain and does not let that stop him from his walks.

Update (12/14/17): Hampton has found his forever home with Donna in Columbia!

Update (10/20/17): Hampton has returned to MACSPRO and is available for adoption!

Update (10/15/17): Hampton and baby pei sister Danu playing in bed.  So cute!  We love wrinkles!  Danu jumps and gnaws on Hampton, and Hampton will look at Danu and she'll take off running. Hampton chases her all over the house wanting some more play time.