Success Stories

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Jia (#567-16)


Jia is coming to MACSPRO this Saturday. Jia is a 3 yr old apricot dilute girl that was surrendered by her family when she did not get along with the other dog in the household.

Update (02/2016):  Jia went to her forever home back in PA with Chris & Lindsay.  Based on her pictures, she looks like she’s settling in very well and getting spoiled! 

Valentino (Private Adoption)

Valentino is a lovable 4 year old 50 lb Shar Pei who comes from Falls Church, Va. His  favorite activity is snuggling up on a soft blanket and sleeping all day.  He loves affection from his owners. He has previously lived in a loving home with adults, grandparents, and children who lived with him from 3-6 and 7-10 years old.  He takes a little time to warm up to new people, but once he does he will show them a lot of affection. He prefers to be the only pet- he is more cautious towards other animals, but will also warm up to them when introduced slowly.

Pei Pei (#558-15)

Meet Pei Pei , a three year old chocolate female.  She is extremely affectionate and did well on all of her evaluations except interacting with other dogs in the shelter environment

She exhibited no resource guarding, was playful and affectionate with handler, walks well on leash and accepted restraint.

Update (12/2015): Pei Pei found her furever home with new dad, Charles in Severn, MD.  It was love at first sight for these two! She is adapting well to her new home; plenty of room to run in her huge back yard and a back seat to ride in, her favorite things, besides kisses!!

Pumkin (#555-15)

Pumkin, previously Gotti, is a 47lb Shar-Pei mix from North Carolina. Pumkin is a very friendly, great girl. She is very young, playful, smart. She really wants to be loved.

Update (12/2015): 

Pumpkin is having surgery to repair her right hip. Surgery estimates range from $2100 to $3100. Pumba is a very gentle loving PeiX, gets along with other dogs, children, and is housebroken and is relying on us to give her a new and better life! Please help us help her! Any donation is gratefully accepted: Checks to “MACSPRO” at PO Box 34034 Bethesda, MD 20827 or you can donate via Pay Pal or at Mark your donation as for “Pumpkin.”

Update (12/2015):  Pumpkin has been officially adopted by Dennis & Beverly. She will be getting the necessary physical therapy and rehab on her leg, her surgery was successful. She shares her furever home in Kent, VA with Pei Brother George, who she made fast friends with and he is also helping her exercise her leg!

Update (01/2016): Pumpkin has been adopted by Dennis & Beverly & Shar Pei brother George, residing in Kent VA.  She is now know as Ziva. She is doing well recovering from her hip surgery, keeping up with her big brother too.
Many thanks to all those who donated and helped make this surgery happen, thanks to foster mom Allison & family who brought her to the vet, pre & post-op and physical therapy, and thanks to Beverly & Dennis for following up on her PT and giving her a furever home!

Update (11/2016): Ziva is doing great! Her furever parents say she is one beautiful girl!  Best part, she is not afraid of storms or any loud noises.

Xiaoli (#554-15)


Xiaoli, previously Lucky, is a small, scared 2 yr old boy that needs a lot of TLC.

Update (11/2015):  Lucky (now Xiaoli) has found his forever home in Ft Washington, MD! His foster family has fallen in love with this little guy and they’ve made it permanent.  His 2 furry sisters love him too. 


SunNee has a great temperament as long as he is not crated.  He is current on all his vaccines, has been neutered and has had entropion surgery.
He gets along great with children and may bark at other dogs while he is on his walk.  
He is house trained and loves being outdoors
SunNee was originally posted on the MACSPRO website for private adoption.
Update 10/2015:
I would like to Thank you and your staff for assisting us in finding SunNee a new home.

Bear (#479-13)


Bear, previously known as Cora, is an old rescue from 2013 that is coming back to us. Bear loves people and gets along with dogs and cats. Please consider giving her a furever home!

Update (10/2015): Bear found her furever home in PA with her foster mom and is living the great life she deserves.

Simba (#531-15)


Simba is a sweet 4 year old boy. Simba gets along with kids and most dogs. Unfortunately Simba was returned and is looking for a new furever home. Simba needs compassion, exercise and a loving environment. He bonds deeply.

Update (10/2015): Simba will be sharing great times with his new dad in Alexandria, VA. Congrats, Simba!

Dave (#551-15)


After months of living on the streets of West Virginia and eluding Animal control, Dave was lured in by a fellow shar-pei owner.  He currently has trust issues from being on his own for so long. We have him in boarding at the vet clinic, where the owner works magic with these types of dogs. Dave is able to stay in the office of the clinic, so that Dave can see people come and go all day and get used to them. He is also attending a weekly obedience class. Dave has already bonded with the staff member that takes him to class, and has made progress with others as well. Dave is now fully vetted and neutered. He is described as a gentleman, and a dream on the leash. He is walked almost daily by different volunteers, so he is used to a lot of people.

Update (10/2015): Dave has moved into his furever home in Salisbury, MD.

Aldo (#548-15)

Aldo is a 4-5 year old neutered male.  He was rescued by cruelty investigators who seized him from a neglect situation from Puerto Rico. Despite that, we have a glowing report on his personality...from one of his rescuers...
She says: Aldo is the sweetest and friendliest dog you can find. He was happy to be petted and behaved beautifully.  He is loving and lovable!  
Aldo has been waiting in their shelter for the last 2 months for a forever home, now coming to Maryland to find that special home.  
Update (09/2015): Aldo is enjoying his life in his furever home. Everyone and every dog in the neighborhood loves Aldo, including a little girl who comes by just to see Aldo.  Aldo charms all the street walkers who tend to stay for long conversations to talk about Aldo.
Update (09/2015): An update from Aldo's family

Aldo is doing very well.  He's obviously very happy here in Annapolis, Maryland.  He loves to go for long walks with Nina in the evening and visit to Chesapeake Bay.  He's always on the alert for a squirrel, fox, or raccoon to chase.

Aldo would probably set the world record for speed eating his breakfast and dinner.  He eats the entire bowl in 15-20 seconds and there's no way to slow him down.

He loves sitting in front of the patio door and enjoying the afternoon son.  He is very calm around other people or other dogs.  In our neighborhood, a very long peninsula, there are always, joggers, walkers, or other people walking their dogs.  Aldo as always courteous enough to acknowledge them, but never pounces, barks, or appears to threaten anyone.  He has already become a favorite in the community.

Fortunately he loves his crate and while we are home he has the run of the house, but normally just relaxes in his crate with the door open and watches what everyone is doing.  He'll come running out, however, if he suspects there's the possibility of a treat.

We love him.

Update (12/2015): Holiday greetings from Aldo--
Please thank everyone in your respective organizations for what you have done for me this past year.  It's been a wild ride from last Christmas to this year's holiday, but I am in my forever home, with people that love me, and I love them.
I could never have imagined when I was back in Puerto Rico (and only able to speak Spanish) that I could be a crime-fighter dog in Annapolis, Maryland (first capitol of the US), learning English, and having hundreds of squirrels outside my front door to entertain me.  I have people that love me, and I love them, and get plenty of long walks and frequent treats.  Although I never told anyone I had several spots where I was in pain, those now have gone away as well.
I have my special spot on the couch where I can sit between my Mom and Pop, and if they drop anything good I am there to scoop it up.