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We loved Chopstyx so much, we decided to add another pei to our family. Nikko was the total opposite of Chopstyx looks and personality wise. I was amazed at how different the same breed could be. He was an awesome dog and was quite content to rest in one of his favorite sleeping spots around the house. He was not quite as energetic as Chopsytx, but he could hold his own for a little while when they played in the yard. 

They were both very close and were always found sleeping together, or sitting together looking out the bay window. He was such a patient dog. He would sit there and let our neice and nephews dress him up. I think he may have enjoyed it more than they did. Nikko passed on to the Rainbow Bridge to join his half brother, Chopstyx. It was determined that he, too, had amyloidosis. Another one lost much too young, at four. Nikko will never be forgotten and is forever in our hearts, right next to Chopstyx. I am sure the two of them are happy to be reunited at the Bridge and are still frolicking together and sleeping together, patiently waiting for us. We couldn't have asked for two better dogs. 

-The Perkins family