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When I first saw Chevy on MACSPRO's website, I instantly fell in love with him. I was bringing him home as a new companion for my other Shar-pei, Nikko, since our beloved first Shar-pei, Chopstyx, had recently passed away. Chevy was estimated to be four to five years old and he instantly blended into our family. Ironically, Nikko passed away a little more then a year later. 

It was after Nikko's passing that I began to really appreciate Chevy's qualities. He didn't bark, as he greeted everyone with a warm heart. Although we didn't give Chevy his name, as it seemed improper to try to rename a 4-5 year-old dog, we sure had some interesting nicknames for him. Chevy didn't run, in fact he hardly moved at all. We found ourselves calling him "speed-bump" and "Eeyore" (After Disney's Winnie-the-Pooh) with his famous monotone line "Thanks for noticing". Chevy was also so quiet you hardly noticed him as he hardly moved all-day ("Speed-Bump"). Everyone that met him fell in love with him. He was the poster-child to dispel the myth that Shar-pei's were aggressive, and unapproachable. He even lived to be eleven years-old.

My wife and I have had two children while Chevy lived with us. He continued with his loving ways, without jealousy or aggression. He was the most patient, gentle creature with our daughters. I will say, without reservation, that I never had to supervise him around them, even when they were getting on his nerves. He would simply just get up and walk away. My oldest is now a little older than three and is still calling for him to come in from the back yard. Chevy, at least you are still home, but you will forever be missed by us.

The Perkins Family