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I was looking for a friend for my pei, Zen, when Otis found me. He was such a cute and loving dog and he could have passed for Zen's twin, looks-wise, at least. Oty was the the typical couch potato and was quite content to take a quick walk and then hurry back to his bed to snooze some more. If the walk lasted longer than he wanted it to, he would sit down and wouldn't budge until you turned around to head back home. Quite the opposite of his brother, Zen, which made for interesting walks because because Zen could walk for miles, but not Oty. So much for the friend for Zen that liked to hike all day, as he did. When it came to food time, however, Oty would bolt to his bowl at the speed of light. I never saw him move that fast unless food was involved.

He was a wonderful dog that loved everyone and was loved by everyone. He was so content to curl up at your feet and let you pet him all day while he snored away. Oty had a lot of health problems and was only with me for a few years before he crossed over the Bridge, but he brought a lot of joy to my life and I will miss him greatly. Oty, I know you are sleeping on your big, fluffy bed and having fun with all of your new friends. I miss you.

-Karen Perkins