Miss Ellie

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Today, January 29, Miss Ellie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Everything medically, both animal and human, was done to try to save her. She went to an ophthalmologist who said her eyes were OK. But she could not see. She went to a neurologist who said there was nothing wrong. But she was frightened and confused all of the time. She had an MRI which revealed fluid on the brain and anomalies which could only be treated by diuretics. The cost of this medical work came totally out of donations earmarked for her and none from the general fund. We know that pressure on the brain causes severe headaches. Yet she showed no pain. Ellie only wanted to sleep in her cuddle bed and listen to the heartbeat machine. As the days went on, she became even fearful on going out of her little room. To go outside made her tremble. It was cruel to make her continue living when life was so hard for her. Julie Neff and Sam Sellers held her as she departed this world and Sam said she started to wag her tail as she was going. Sam and Julie think that she was thanking them for releasing her. I like to think that as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she could see and she wasn't frightened anymore. All those who had the privilege of knowing her hope to see her again, across the Rainbow Bridge. God bless and keep you, Ellie.