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Abby was born in 1996 in Lizella, Georgia. Abby was not a rescue dog. She came from a breeder. My wife, Kim, had got Abby right after she started law school. Abby had to give her paw of approval before we could start dating.

Abby was the gentlest, mild tempered shar pei that anyone could ever hope for. She loved to play and rest, and of course be loved on. She was an only child till the age of 7 when an 8 week old pug joined the household. Abby was frustrated at first, but took it upon herself to teach her new charge, Emmy, everything she had learned over the years. Abby and Emmy became inseparable.

In late November early December 2006, we noticed a large lump on Abby's rear end. It turned out to be cancer, and unbeknownst to us, it had already spread internally. Abby gave chemotherapy a go, but it was exhausting to her. On February 22, 2006, we let Abby cross the bridge. She was 9 years 8 months old and had lived a good life. She had traveled in airplanes across the US, been to law school, and been my constant early morning companion as long as I knew her. She was loved so much and still missed by all.

- Todd and Kim Jones and Emmy, the Pug