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It is with sadness that I inform you of the death of my beloved dog, Della, who was with me for only 2 years. She was terminally ill, and thus was put to rest peacefully on March 14th at 12:35 am.

Della Della was adopted and rescued from MACSPRO. During her precious time with me, we both have learned, traveled to different states and to Canada, enjoyed walking a lot, meeting her new friends in the park, and other explorations as new experiences for her life, we eventually loved each other a lot. Walks and strolls through the park were a large part of her life. When I said to her "Walk!" with even one word while deep sleeping, she jumped off my bed and in a moment would be waiting for me at the door expecting a long walk. And, when I said; "It's about supper time", her tail wagged, her ears up, but she walked slowly as she knew the food would always be there. She ate in a like manner as well. For her walking was the more important than eating food.

Della She was one of the most obedient, fun-loving and amazing dogs I ever had in my life. She has been always loyal to me and enjoyed the part of her life with me so much. The love in my heart will always be for Della and will be ever lasting.

- Hannah Reisman