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We rescued our Freyja over 14+ years ago. We guessed that she was 16 yrs old when she died. She lived a long and adventerous life and was the best dog anyone could ever want. She raised two pups (not hers) and was the best mother a dog could ever want. Freyja guided around our 13 year old blind and deaf cocker spaniel (Honey Bee) and looked out for her whenever she went outside. She even tried to warn Honey Bee one time when she was about to walk off the deck by barking at her. Of course Honey Bee couldn't hear her. Freyja had many close calls but always seem to bounce back. She was playing with Parker in the kitchen the morning she passed away. She was our first Shar Pei and will ever hold a special place in our hearts. Simon (our English Springer she raised from a pup) layed in her bed for days before I had to remove it. Even at 16 years old she kept the boys in line and ruled the house. We will always miss her.