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I never thought this time would come to be -
I was simply just unable to see

You had the biggest of hearts and the gentlest of souls
I only needed to look in your eyes to see the wonderful spirit you behold

Your presence was quiet, yet strong and gracious
Your love and devotion you always made known to us

Yet, it's your lovable and amazing personality I will so greatly miss. and so, here begins a part of an inexhaustible list. of only a few of many things we loved about you

To our dearest Cue

Your devotion to find the finest 'spot'
was ever present . so up the hill your determined buns went

Your big brown eyes looking as your head tilted to the side, and your 'E-Walk' expression on our summer car rides

Your gentle acceptance of food from our hands, and your ever present effort to be a macho man

The way you would briefly show your mate your love for her.... by rough-housing and only gently nipping her fur
I will miss your baby soft fur around your nose and ears, I look back now with happy tears
Your 'old man' noises you made when you were blissfully content, and your corner mouth grin was heaven sent

The adorable way you would get us to pet your head. Only to have you turn so we would scratch your back instead

The way you wrinkled your nose when upset, in your stubborn ways you were always set

I'll miss coming home to have you greet me at the door, and finding your cool spot on the marble floor

The list goes on forever in my heart and will never fade

The best of memories for our family you have made
We keep you close in our thoughts and with heavy hearts we know we must part

You must no longer struggle with the pain you had,
For the first time in a while you're peaceful and content. And, for that we're glad.

- Kristin Gwin
December 2007
CueBear was born in 1993 and died at the age of 14