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4/2002 - 1/2008
I so readily recall the day that I came for him and left with Zippy instead. I could not stop thinking of him and returned one month later to find him still there waiting for me. He kissed me on the ear all the way back to Washington. He was a special, unique dog with almost human characteristics. He was very happy and always ready to play with his toys.

Despite being told about one month ago that the soft tissue lung tumors in his lungs had markedly decreased in size in response to the chemotherapy, on Tuesday, January 29, 2008, I was informed that the tumors had increased in number and size. He was diagnosed with Histiocytic Sarcoma.

My heart hurts so badly, as Nugget was my friend; my son!

Nugget, Zippy and me The decision to lay him down was the most difficult thing that I have ever personally done. It took him to tell me it was enough. I attempted to walk him with Zippy one last time but he did not want to walk any further than the corner. After returning to the house he could not walk the stairs. Even though I wanted to keep him for one more night or for this weekend, he so quietly said no more. Lord, I miss my baby.

- Michael Patterson