Chocolate Chip "Chippy"

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In May of 2002, my husband and I adopted Chocolate Chip from MACSPRO. She was a sweet, sad, lonely girl who wanted nothing more than regular meals and a family that loved her. She tolerated kisses from her Sharp-Pei brother, Caleb, and she occasionally enjoyed a short walk or two. Mostly, she wanted to cuddle--to sleep at the foot of our bed, be petted any time our hands were free, and give kiss after kiss after kiss. She loved sitting on the porch on trick or treat night and relished the opportunity to give kisses to any child that would allow it. When my husband worked nights, she kept me company. When her tail would wag, and it wagged often, she was often so enthusiastic that her whole rear end would wag. You could almost see the smile on her face. When we had children, she took it all in stride. She never complained about their clumsy hugs and backwards petting. When our daughter was lonely at night, Chippy began sleeping in hter room to keep her company. Our whole family loves our beautiful chocolate girl. She have us seven wonderful years of unconditional love and kisses. We are so grateful that she was a part of our life. She was such a blessing in our lives and we will miss her.

- Linda Marr -