Rocky Balestrieri

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Rocky was a beautiful Shar-Pei who brought great joy to his family:  Drew, Kathy and Drew.   We briefly helped care for him when he was just a wee pup.  Little did I know at the time, Rocky would become the catalyst for our adopting our own dog one day. 

Rocky was quite a presence in his home and yard, as he was a big, muscular guy; but his easy-going temperament made you comfortable when in his presence.  His handsome, wrinkled coat had to be touched when you saw him!  Rocky was a cuddle-bug who liked to snuggle by the fire with his mom.  Toward the end of his life when he was too ill to complete his walk, his doting Dad could be seen carrying him home with great love and care.

Rest in Peace, Rocky.

Your family will cherish their memories of you and love you forever.

The Santosuosso Family