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In December of 2003, we adopted a sweet white Shar-pei from MACSPRO named Wink (F.K.A. Snow). Wink was one of several rescue dogs we have had the last ten years.

Wink was diagnosed with the beginnings of renal failure in January 2008. After almost two years of medication and watching his weight slowly drop, he was on "death's door" with a creatin of 8.5 (normal is under 2). Teresa looked up a holistic aproach with nothing to lose and got him off all meds and I started to cooked for him. Each week I cooked a no sodium, no phosphorus, low protein diet suplemented with calcium and fish oil tablets. He started getting better, dropped his creatin level around 1.7 in a month, finally put on the 15 lbs he had lost and was doing fantastic. His vet was amazed and has been very instrumental in explaining what we are up against.

Now over nine months later, all good things must end. He stopped eating over a week ago and everything he did eat came up. His weight was still ok but his creatin level is back to 7.5 and potassium level is less than half of normal.

Wink has been a joy in our life for his almost 7 years with us. He has been the "big fuzzy butt boy" and it kills us to see him like this. Wink will be missed not only by Teresa and myself but the little kids in the neighborhood who love his fur, big nose and curly tail. He will also be missed by his brother Frankie (boxer), Winston (Jack R), Maggie (Cattle dog/Pei mix) and Iggy Lee (Italian Greyhound). It will be tough to look around for Wink and not see him sprawled out on the deck in the sun or laying on his big red bed in the bedroom.

Thanks again for sharing him with us!

- Chris & Teresa Brandon