Ebonnoir & Mitzi

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Ebonnoir was our beautiful Black Knight. He came to us through foster with MACSPRO.  This TOON-looking little boy, found on the road in freezing weather, hit by a car at two months old.  Pam Robbins asked us to foster him through his pneumonia, carpal laxity and luxating patella.  You became our protector and close companion.  We know he is with his beautiful Mitzi girl at the bridge watching over us.













Mitzi was our first experience with a mini-pei.  She was practically blind when MACSPRO saved her.  But through several entropic surgeries, nasal stenosis, elongated soft palate and lots of love, she became Ebon’s lasting partner.  They left us only a month apart.  We love you Mitz and Ebie, and always will.


















Jeanne and Brian