Thanks to our volunteers

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A SPECIAL THANK YOU!!!!!!  MACSPRO would like to thank Deb Kachik of Deb Kachik Photography for volunteering to take some of the beautiful photo's you see of our available sharpei.  Thank you so much Deb!   To Bobby for recently traveling to KY to pick up our sweet little Annabelle.  Lynn, who goes the distance transporting for MACSPRO driving day and night waiting for shelters to open to pick-up our precious cargo.  It's not the first time transporting, and won't be the last as long as we have beautiful people like you, and all our other wonderful volunteers.  It is only through our volunteers that we are able to make such a difference in each loyal, loving, puff of cuddly teddy bear fur that is able to find their way to MACSPRO, and that we have the privilege to assist.  If you would like to get to know our beautiful enthusiastic Facebook and correspondence volunteer Denise, please Like us on Facebook.