Bonnie needs your help and come get your pei blessed

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Bonnie's Emergency Vet Visit

Bonnie initially had some demodectic mites from Illinois.  This is typically treated with liquid ivermectin to kill the mites.  Unfortunately, she is allergic to ivermectin, which led to an Emergency Veterinary visit.  Over the weekend Bonnie was closely monitored and treated with intravenous lipid emulsion in addition to supportive care with IV fluid therapy and cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurologic monitoring.  Monday morning we received this update from her amazing foster family:

She was released from the Emergency vet center Sunday Afternoon. The vet said they had to do three IV treatments to get the toxins out of her.  That's a lot considering she only weighs 23 pounds.  While still a little wobbly, and very tired, she was walking upright, and her temporary blindness had gone away.  I had a couple of her toys in the truck for the 50 mile drive home, and she eagerly started chewing on a bone.  About 10 minutes into the trip she curled up and took a nap with her head on my leg.

She clearly remembered her home and her roommate, Oreo (the Cocker Spaniel) and (as is typical) inhaled her dinner.  She went for a walk last night, but she's moving really slow, and we didn't get more than 50 yards from home (she usually will briskly walk at least a half mile). The vet said it may take weeks to get her back to where she was but she's clearly at about 80-85%, whereas the day prior she was at about 10% and failing quickly.

This was an unexpected expense and luckily the vet was able to keep the bill below $1000.  Please help us by making a donation for her care at

Blessing of the Animals

MACSPRO will be at the Blessing of the Animals at St. John's Episcopal Church in Olney, MD. Bring your leashed or caged pet to be blessed. Special St. Francis medallion for the first 100 pets. Petting zoo, raffles and food available.